Saturday, May 17, 2008

Merely a flesh wound.

Wow time flies when your bus as heck! :) I have not been able to post for quite some time as we have been very busy with TBC work and general life.

Today I have a bit of extra time for unfortunate reasons. I actually crashed on the bike today, doing a PRE RACE warm up. UGHHH!!! I came down here to Memphis to race, drove 8 hours, met up with family and was already a bit sketchy with only 3 weeks of running. Now, I get to add some serious road rash to the mix.

I went to the ER as some were very deep cuts. Got to sit there with my very patient bride for hours while they cleaned out all the gravel. Ah, the joy of racing, at least now I can justify shaving legs for a couple more years, and hey my tetanus are now up to date , so that rocks. :)

Focusing on the positive though, I was able to call some of my clients for help. I coach 3 doctors, 2 ER docs, one cardiac surgeon. I was able to get a hold of the second one I called, the first called me back within 15 min!!! I am so very lucky to have such great clients and friends. I never take that for granted.

As for tomorrow, I have no idea. I'm going to first focus on sleeping without all the sheets becoming part of my scabs. I'm told ill be pretty sore in the am.