Monday, July 16, 2012

Racing and hosting a World Champ

It’s been awhile since I have blogged, just have been way too busy. I just tried to do Muncie which was shortened and that was probably for the best regardless. It was pretty hot and while I think I could have gotten through the entire race as I have been training pretty hard, I was glad I didn’t have to. I was able to get the AG win which just keeps becoming harder and harder. Great guys out there, all racing really fast.

Racine I was a ghost. My name wasn’t on the registration list, even after we got that sorted out I didn’t seem to show up on the results either??? Probably for the best as I really didn’t have a good day. In fact I haven’t felt that bad in a race in years. No idea why, I think it was just one of those days. I swam best I can tell around 25 min, rode 2:12, and then brought it home with a mind blowing 1:52 run! LOL – I wanted to quit so bad but the support of all the local athletes standing out and cheering for me I thought I owed them the respect of finishing, so I did. I guess lucky for me my name isn’t showing up for an official finish.

One of the reasons I think I wasn’t in the groove was the double taper from Muncie and Racine. I never taper well, and doing two in a row, I think it was just too much. The other reason is I have been fortunate enough to play host to Crowie and Mat Steinmetz. Bot awesome dudes, but they have a busy schedule and I have been trying to help them get to all the things they need to be at. I will say this though, totally worth it. Craig, is fast of course, but more importantly, really is an awesome dude. I feel fortunate to have gotten to become one of his friends. We go to the wind tunnel tomorrow, then train another week before he heads back to Boulder where I may be able to go do a training block with him as well. Very cool.