Thursday, May 26, 2011


I just finished racing Triple T last weekend in Southern Ohio. I love this race because it is hard to replicate the intensity and experience of a race, like a race can do. Well, this event offers you 4 chances to race in a single weekend totaling an Iron distance. Not only are the total miles a bit tough, but the terrain in the foothills is super hard as well. Makes for a fun time though.

Friday – this was a sprint race which I simply do not do well. Hardly any of my training is done over threshold for long periods of time, so I knew going in this would be one of the hardest races for me. That proved to be correct, and I ended up in 7th overall place about 90 seconds off the leader.

Saturday – starts with an Olympic distance race, finally some real distances. I had a solid swim. What the main problem was however was I was swimming against John Kenny who seems to be one of the best swimmers in the US for open water. He put over 2 min on me in just the swim. I was able to make up about 20 seconds on him on the bike, and a little on the run but he held on for the win and beat me by about 50 seconds.

After a quick massage and a light lunch I went back to the hotel and rested up for the afternoon race. This was another Olympic distance but the order was bike – swim – run. I knew to have any chance of making up some serious time on John; I would have to try to separate myself on the bike. I was able to do that by out biking him by 2 min but it came at the cost of massive leg cramps in the water and he was able to not only make that up on me, but then put 2 more min on me! WOW! I am a solid swimmer, so I am not totally used to getting whooped this bad on the swim. I collected myself and tried to run him down or at least the best I could. By the run turn around I had made up about 90 seconds. I caught him finally with just under a mile to go and was able to win by 18 seconds overall.

Sunday – We started the half Ironman just over 2 min apart. Again, in the swim he was able to put 4 min on me and that pretty much sealed the deal. The efforts from the day before were catching up to me and while I had one of the top bike splits even to include the teams, it wasn’t enough to bridge the gap on John. I knew then it was time to protect 2nd place. My feet were killing me so for the last 5 miles each step was agony, but was able to hold off a hard charging Jared Milam.

All in all I ended up 2nd overall with a combined time of 9:28. All in all I was very pleased.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 camps

2 weekend camps for athletes looking to take a step forward.

I am offering 2 weekend opportunities for you to train with people who know how to make you better. It will be an opportunity for you to ask questions, get looked at on the swim, bike and run, and more importantly see how we train! It is going to be somewhat informal, down and dirty, but you will get REAL SCOOP on tricks, techniques, and ideas to help you get faster – period.

It has been my experience that every time I or another coach gets to actually see you workout, or vice versa we find ways to help. So my intentions are to do a short TRAINING weekend. It will consist of:

Friday – swim, run (This will give myself and other coaches a chance to take a look at your while you workout. This isn’t an instructional format. It’s a workout. That being said all weekend we will be pulling athletes aside making tweaks, and adjusting what you are doing if needed.

Sat – Masters swim session, and Bike focused Brick workout. (OPTIONAL GROUP DINNER – Not included in price)

Sunday – Run session and the coaches will stick around to answer any questions you would still have.
***We will have the run at a store so you can take advantage of exclusive discounts for campers***

We want to see how you hydrate, carry food and bottles, pace yourself, use your power meter if you have one, and speed distance watches. We will be available all weekend for questions, chats, whatever you need.

Because of the informal atmosphere we will be trying to keep the costs low.

I am offering 2 camps. Both based primarily out of Geneva, IL.

THE FIRST CAMP WILL BE MORE EXCLUSIVE - ONLY 2-3 ATHLETES PER COACH. The athletes will be selected by the coaches who will be working with them. We want this one to be a little more in depth and want to make sure there is more personal interaction.

The dates: July 1-3rd.
Cost: 350.00

All health club fees
SAG SUPPORT for ride
ANALYSIS of each workout on WKO
This camp will include a dinner out
Optional VO2 Max testing at a discount (will be scheduled prior to camp)
Optional Gait analysis (will be scheduled prior to camp)
Optional Bike fit (will be scheduled prior to camp)

The Second camp will be same format but allow more campers

The dates: July 22nd- 24th.
Cost: 270.00

All health club fees
SAG SUPPORT for ride
Optional VO2 Max testing at a discount (will be scheduled prior to camp)

Please email me directly if you have interest in either camp:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The weather seems as if it is finally turning… maybe. Everyone is excited to start running in a single layer of clothing, and running faster! To run fast one of the things you want to address is economy. So often I hear about athletes who are doing “hard training” on the track, tempo runs, with faster training partners, etc. What most never think to address is economy.

Improving economy while running can improve performances up to 20%! Why then wouldn’t every athlete do this? Easy, it is not always viewed as “hard”. Having a proper gait analysis, or structural analysis, or learning how to improve your mechanics, or even fueling strategy are all great ways to improve economy. If you do not buy into the theory of economy, try running with your shoes on backwards. Obviously, this would be close to impossible. However it is a gross example of how having someone show you to put your shoes on right would be far more effecting then trying to run “harder” with them on backwards.

If you have questions on how to improve your economy feel free to ask any of us here at Training Bible Coaching.