Sunday, November 23, 2008


I want to congratulate another athlete I coach. Dennis Druml started with me mid summer. Last year he went 11:33 at IM Arizona. We got him sub 11 at IM Wisconsin, and today he went 9:58 at IM ARIZONA!!!!! WELL DONE!! Now we just need to skip the bathroom breaks and you’ll have your next PR!

Camps, clinics, etc.

Training Bible is working very hard to try to provide all of our clients with the highest level of service they can buy. We are currently working on a single day workshop for athletes. They will be able to come to these workshops for very low cost and gain a tremendous amount of information from this.

TBC has some of the most qualified coaches in the industry and we take a lot of pride in that. The basic principal is this. Any athlete (coached or not coached) can come to these. They will be handed a form when they register that they will carry through the clinic with them. We will have stations set up with physical therapists, bio mechanic experts, high level coaches, nutritional experts, bike fitters, etc. We will be able to provide most of these services with our own coaches.

After athletes have gone through these stations they will have a complete synopsis of where they stand that day as an athlete. Armed with these tools their coach, or if they are self coached, they can make more educated decisions about their upcoming fitness plans.

We are finalizing dates and prices but we are very excited to launch these as soon as January. If you have interest in hosting one for these in your area please contact me directly. We would need a minimum of 15 athletes.

In addition to this, we are setting up an Athlete appreciation camp in Tucson, Arizona. For 100.00 we will be hosting a 4 day camp for our athletes! If you are a non coached athlete interested in learning about some of these opportunities let me know. The cost for a non coached athlete will be 300.00 and spaces for these spots are very limited.

I know a lot of people like to harp on the “off season” and it IS IMPORANT. But I have always found it easiest to just focus on future things to help me navigate forced downtime in the fall.

By wife says Im too obsessed. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Wow, what a great season.

I overstayed my welcome on the season just a bit, but it was a great ride and 2008 will absolutely be one of my favorites ever.

One thing I learned was to really stay focused on your goals, and execute those. I had a goal as of June to do Kona. I decided to do Clearwater with some friends in Aug. it was not a bad move necessarily, but after Kona I really lost focus (rightfully so).

My Father in Law is a motivational speaker and points to a theory he calls “The goal achieving mechanism”. This is a very powerful mental tool, but it is also a tool you have to learn to use correctly. Let me explain. I set my Goal achieving mechanism to Kona as of Mid June. Once that goal was achieved, the mechanism was turned off. The goal had been achieved so subconsciously I was finished with my season. I still wanted to do Clearwater but I would tell people “Just for fun and a chance to hang out with friends”. This is a fine goal to have in its own right, but if I really was honest with myself, when I toe the line, I want to do the best I can. My body was completely not into this race today. Not only was I tired, but it was very hard to do any training leading into the race. The inner fire was gone because as I pointed out, the goal had been achieved in Kona.

Lesson learned and I will use this as a way to talk to my athletes next year as we discuss goals. I think this is also the danger of changing goals significantly mid season. Not only is the goal sometimes a physiological change, but also mental.

Clearwater weekend was a blast. I was able to have some meeting down here with some key players which will allow us to launch our very successful youth program here next year. In addition to that I hung out with some great clients, and was able to host Simon Thompson as well. So the trip was well worth it, and after all, it snowed at home today, I was on the beach. J

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why I coach

Post race reports like this are so awesome. Liz, way to go. I am very proud of you!

"Adam! 3:35....SICK TIME FOR ME!!!! oh, and a negative split! i felt awesome until mile 22.5. I wanted to push it once I got into Central Park, but it's just too hilly but I was very pysched just to hang on. :) THANK YOU!!! I truly owe it to you. I have run NYC 2x and never had so much fun. And never felt so good in any of my 8 marathons. Talk soon!"

some recent pics. Blog needed them im told. :)

Simon Thompson as well as Craig McKenzie are two of my favorite racers. They are not only very competitive, but they are two of the best people you will ever get a chance to meet. I have been coaching Craig all year and we have finally worked out his bike power.

Simon (Thomo) came to visit me for a few days in Chicago. He helped put on some clinics for the kids team. He was great. Just thought I would post some pics.

I also like to put my wonderful wife up here when I can, and thank her for her support in 08!