Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New uniforms!

As I am finishing up some of my long rides and runs I am observing more and more soccer and football games forming with kids and parents getting everything out for these games and events.

It has brought back so many memories for me. I can remember getting assigned to my team and receiving my uniform! I would wear that thing first thing in the am with intense anticipation for the game to come later. Armed in my uniform I would watch Saturday morning cartoons (remember when that alone was an event?) and then anxiously pace around the yard with the sporting equipment I would need for my game.

My coach at the time represented such a figure of authority and I would live to impress him at my practices and games. I was absolutely convinced that the World would stop and take notice when the game I played was taking place. We would do feverish battle until halftime when all we hoped was for someone’s mom to have brought “cool” snacks. Capri Suns, twinkies, fruit roll ups, these were the food of the athletes of the day. Who the hell wanted orange slices anyway!?

What I started to realize is I never grew up in this regard. Here I am in excited anticipation for my next event. For me this happens to be IM Wisconsin then Hawaii. I cant wait for the final ride to take place so I can finally clean my bike and put the race wheels on, set out the transition bags, and eagerly set out my nutrition for the race (still not going to use the orange slices).

I want to impress my coach, my family, and of course prove to myself the work I have put in is for something. At the end of the day though, my results are my results. The person holding final judgment is I, just as when I was a kid. Just as today I sit and watch my kids do their sport and my ONLY hope is they have fun. I base my excitement or criticisms based solely on their own reactions. I suspect the people who love us and care about us will still do that even now.

So as you come into your final races for the season or if yours are over and it’s time to review please be as passionate as that little kid waiting with the soccer uniform on for days before the event, but realize just as then, more defines you then that one game.

We are all awesome; we are competitors each of us on our own levels.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great things all around

I just spent the last week with Simon Thompson. He is an amazing athlete but more importantly an awesome guy. He has become a life coach and was telling me the tremendous satisfaction he gets from helping people balance triathlon with family, jobs, and other pressures and still perform well.

What he was saying rang so true. How many of you have ever been on a workout torn because you felt needed somewhere else therefore you could not really “engage” in your session? We all have. Simon is not a counselor but specializes in helping us put into perspective the things in our life that pull at us the most. VERY interesting. It is also rare to have an athlete still competing at the highest level willing and able to work with you who directly understands the demands of the sport.

I also spoke with Ryan Bolton last week. He has not raced in years, as he has been focusing on his coaching. He was not only an 2000 Olympic athlete, but also coaches Kenyans for running currently. He decided to jump into a half marathon and ran 1:05:08!!!


Well done Ryan.

This week I am hosting one of my athletes Kristin Lie from Norway. She hopes to podium at Wisconsin this year, and she is looking pretty fit!