Thursday, October 27, 2011

Death Valley and Las Vegas Camp Feb 7th - 12th

Training Bible Coaching Death Valley / Las Vegas Camp
Feb 7th – 12th
Camp Details:
This camp is designed to be a season base building and technique camp. Our vision is to have athletes fly into Vegas and drive to Death Valley (approximately 2 hours). Once in Death Valley though, everything will be from the hotel location. There will not be any need for any other driving. Furnace Creek Ranch is located in the National Park and stands alone in the middle of some of the best ridding in the US and sits at the base of Dante’s Peak, a Mt. Lemmon type ride and recognized as one of the best climbs in the country.
We will spend Tuesday – Friday night in Death Valley and then travel back to Las Vegas Saturday night. We can add a nigh t out if the campers want, but will wake up and run the Las Vegas 70.3 run course as well as have a swim.
We will have the entire camp SAG supported, as well as a mechanic on hand every day. The camp will also include coaches and several other benefits listed below.

We will have a professional photographer on staff to take photos of your camp for you. We will provide 2 free pictures with your camp purchase.

Camp includes:
- Adam Zucco and other TBC Coach on hand for all questions
- Running drill sessions
- Swim Drill sessions
- 2 BBQ dinners in the Death Valley
- Coached swim workouts and instruction
- SAG support on all the rides with water and nutrition provided if needed
- Mechanic on hand for the entire camp for (assembling and packing) bikes and issues during camp
- Clif Products
- Skinfit product(s) TBD and discounts while there.

HOTELS: (All campers will make their own accommodations)
In Death Valley you need to make a reservation at FURNACE CREEK RANCH. ALL CAMP ACTIVITIES WILL START AND FINISH HERE. Cost for the hotel is 145.00 a night with 2 x queen beds.
800-236-7916 – phone

In Las Vegas you need to make reservations at Green Valley ranch or a surrounding hotel. There are a few there to choose from. It is located on the Vegas run course and next a nice community pool.


- Tuesday Feb 7th Arrive, Short ride run and or swim as time allows

- Wednesday Feb 8th
Swim: Technique session in am and workout
Bike: Dante’s Peak 30 mile climb from -500 ft. to over 5000ft!!!! plus optional additional ridding
Afternoon run and drill session 75-90 min or your choice.

- Thursday
Swim: Workout participant’s choice
Bike: Artist Loop 1-2 times for a 3 hour ride
Run: 75-90 min

- Friday
Swim: Workout participant’s choice
Bike: Ride to Scottie’s Castle Century with about 2000 ft. of climbing.

- Saturday
Swim: solid workout
Bike: Team TT

Swim: Solid workout
Run: The Las Vegas 70.3 course

Cost for the camp is 875.00 per person (695.00 per person for TBC members and affiliates)
Contact Adam Zucco – (847)-833-1201

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kona 2011 Race Report (9:35)

Kona 2011 Race reportAfter many requests I will write a race report the best I can. I also have talked about my experience on our new TrainingBible Podcast on Itunes.

The night before is pretty much where everything started for me. I was hanging out with Justin Hand and Scott Iott. We all stayed together in ths same house which helped tons with the pre race anxiety. Scott and I train together all the time, but Justin is a guy I just met that week and lives in South Africa. What an awesome guy and definitely a highlight of the week getting to know him. He has a running store there, has run the Comrades Marathon (which is 56 miles) 7 times! Very cool stories all week.

We headed up to our rooms for bed while everyone else in the house was out at the parties that people who aren’t racing were attending and I made the mistake of readining blogs and internet sites…. After getting a bit worked up over some of the comments I decided it was all just crazy to worry about. I told myself “ Self, you’re here for you, enjoy the day. Whatever happens, happens. I have worked way too hard to get wrapped p in anything other then the fact I have had an awesome season no matter how the day unfolds”. That clarity was a huge relief and helped me sleep great all night which is rare for me.

Pre Race-

Come on, it’s pre race… Not much going on here hopefully and there wasn’t. Sat around with the guys and just waited to get going. Decided to go find my spot in the swim and be ready to roll. I decided to line up right next to the pier and see what happened. I was going back and forth with this but then thought “f-it” why not. So I did.

The Swim-

I had a goal of making a front ack so this is one of the reasons I went on the fastest line. I went very hard to keep up with the draft of a guy I found early and decided no matter what the time was, I had swam as hard as I could. I was a bit disappointed with the 57 time but then learned everyone was a couple min off so I was cool with that. The swim spot was brutal for about a min, then was pretty Ok for most of the swim. If I went back I think I would choose the same spot. There isn’t ever an IM swim that I am not looking forward to being done with about 15 min of swimming and this was the case here as well.


I did so much better this year in Transition and was about 2 min faster then last year. On to the bike.

The Bike –

I was in the top 30 starting the bike and this was a perfect spot I thought. I was about 3 min +/- from the leaders and was feeling good. This race I definitely wanted to be more aggressive then I had ever been before, and really race for a podium spot. I felt in shape to do 445 on the bike without too much trouble and wanted to do that. The goal was to keep a 24mph average for as long as possible and see how easily I could do that. Unlike last year I feel the way out on the Queen K was fast, but harder then last year. At least it was taking a bit more effort then normal. I was slightly concerned but told myself this is just going to be flipped and I need to be aggressive in the harder part of the course, just like last year.

At mile 40 I started the climb up to Hawi and this is when I decided to push the pace a bit. I rode through about 20 guys, caught a good friend of mine Tim Hola and he said the lead group was just 30 seconds up. I went up to that group and started to ride through them. I was 1:20 down from the lead of the race at the turnaround at mile 60 and thought I was doing OK.

Right after that I stopped for Special needs and they couldn’t find my bag!!. UGH. I thought about rolling but I decided to wait a min and get my nutrition like I would tell my athletes. It took just over a min, but it felt like an ETERNITY. I saw guys passing me that I had just worked to pass, and tried not to get too worked up. Once I got the bottles, they were frozen… SOLID… are you kidding me??? So they were basically worthless. The next aid station was only water and I could feel my attitude slipping which told me I was low on calories. I had to back off and conserve. To do anything else would be foolish.

At mile 70 I was finally getting calories in and decided to just regroup. I wasn’t feeling good, the day wasn’t feeling “on” more like one of the training days we all have that for whatever reason just feel harder then it should. In stead of fighting it I decided to just chill and ride conservative. This was of course disappointing, but I tried to tell myself to save it for the run and not completely ruin the day.

In conclusion last year I rode 4:52 @ 236 watts. This year I was 4:55 @ 239. So was this an “easier” day? I don’t think so. Did I go out too hard, probably a touch, but I should have been able to handle it and I wanted to get to the front and roll the dice. I was excited to just be fit enough to be even playing with the top of the field and wouldn’t have been satisfied this race just playing it conservatively. I knew I could do that. I do want to get a plan that doesn’t NEED special needs.


I tried to relax and just get myself situated. It was clear to me that a speedy transition wouldn’t decide my day. On to the run.

The Run

Two words: Wasn’t Happening.

I knew straight away it wasn’t a “magical” day. So within 2 miles I decided to play defense. I told myself what I tell my athletes which is we all want the perfect day. Anyone can race well on those days however it’s more likely you’re going to have some issue(s), then what? I tried to not let my ego dictate and all I thought about was form, cadence, forward lean, and rhythm for as long as I could.

I made an early choice to walk the aid stations, let HR come down and do the best I could. When I was running I was still running between 7:15-7:40 pace which told me I was fit, just wasn’t getting the calories. My stomach wasn’t upset, just wasn’t absorbing very quickly. This caused me to slow down the calorie intake which drove my sustained energy down I think.

I walked most of Palani hill, drank a coke and tried to re group. I was shocked that I went through the half way in 1:40 and was encouraged that my “Defensive” strategy was doing its job. With 4 miles left I could still potentially break 9:30 which was my new goal. I knew it was a long shot, but it was what I focused on. I reminded myself of just last year I never broke 10 hours and how pumped I would be with the time.

I ended up encouraging a couple other guys to finish up strong with me and I went 9:35. (3:34 marathon).

The Finish Finally!!

I got to the finish line and was getting teary. I felt this was a hard fought victory in years past I would have lost. This year I went 9:35 on a terrible feeling day at Kona! I felt so proud of myself for battling through the way that I did. I know it is only because of my fitness and all that I have learned as a coach. Sure I wanted to be faster, there is no doubt I will have faster times, but this one was more satisfying in some ways then last year’s 9:16. I felt that this one truly legitimized me as a 9:30 or better Ironman guy because I did it in adverse conditions on a hard day.

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me.

I going to do Ironman Florida for a PR and see what happens, but then not sure exactly yet what next year will bring.

MAD PROPS to Steve Johnson and of course Tim Hola. You guys raced awesome. We did battle all summer. I definitely won some, but so did you guys including this one and I want to say thanks to you both for being a lot of my inspiration for training hard. You guys are studs, and my hat is off to both of you.