Thursday, April 16, 2009

Training a National champion

With the break in the weather finally happening here in Chicago, I was able to get Ben Kaute out for a ride. He plans on defending his title this year at Nationals. I think he will.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today I did California 70.3 and things went very well. I decided to have Jim Vance coach me this year as it is always a great idea even as a coach to have an objective opinion to training. We really wanted to focus on my run, which is coming together quite nicely.

My swim was 25 min. I felt strong throughout the swim and new I was holding a good tempo. Only thing was they sent my wave off last and we had to swim through so many people. It was a bit crazy.

On the Bike I was feeling very strong. I averaged 285 watts with a normalized power of 305. the hills made for some variations, but also passing and weaving through so many people did not help one bit either. I was very disappointed to see not only drafters which is cheating, but the people who were doing OWN A COACHING company. So much for integrity I guess.

The run went very well as for me a 1:25 was a new PR for an off the bike run. I was able to get 1st in the Age group, Patrick Baldwin was closing quick and was forcing me to run for my life, luckily he was able to get a Kona spot as well as there were two spots in our age group.

We changed things up quite a bit from a traditional taper this go around, and I am very happy with the results.

Jim and I were talking about what to focus on this year and we think we should still do our best at Wisconsin then take Kona as it comes. Jury is still out there but for now it sounds like a good plan.