Sunday, May 3, 2009

St. Croix

St. Croix was everything I was told it would be. There was not a cloud in the sky, it was close to 90 degrees, and of course windy. Let’s be honest though, that what we came for right!? I mean how upset would we all be (and internally relieved) if they had to circumvent the Beast because of road construction?

Last month I qualified for Hawaii. I knew I wanted to do that this year but was very surprised and extremely excited it came to me in California. Since then I wanted to skip St. Croix, yet was excited to come down with clients. All the way till the gun went off I was having trouble getting mentally “up” for the event. Please understand this is in NO WAY an excuse. In fact there is a lesson there. Mental outlook is so over looked, and clearly plays a large roll in how we approach the training and race itself. There is no doubt it has a tremendous impact on the event. I am going to start talking with Cheryl Hart again to make sure I have my “Game face” leading into my next big race.

My swim was so-so. I was near the front but felt like I was having the race dictated to me from the beginning. I got caught in a pack, which is nice, but they were just fast enough it was a ton of work to get around them, yet not quite fast enough to keep us in touch with what I felt was the front of the group. I literally could not swim up and through the group. Good for them for holding ground, bad for me to not be able to close the deal.

I exited the swim and for some reason felt like my achilles were going to snap. Never had that happened, and it made me lose focus and before I knew it I had ran to the wrong area on transition. My transitions were both lackadaisical. Again I attribute this to motivation and focus. Got my bike here we go.

On the bike, I was doing OK, but never felt “great”. I had one guy I kept trying to go around, and would get in front, but never be able to hold the position which is odd. On the Beast he rode away from me and it took me the better part of 15 min to TT to get back up to him. I felt he was moving well and if I could stay with him, I would at least be OK. My average watts were about 20 lower then California, confirming I just was not “on” for the day.

I came into T2 next to another guy. He was trying to qualify and had forgotten his salt tabs, etc. I rifled through my bag, gave him all of mine and wished him luck. I told him I was going for a jog, I was not a threat. I was SO RELEIVED I had already qualified, but at the same time was questioning what I was going back to Hawaii for with the same conditions.

The run was steady. I was looking for clients walking aide stations, etc. Nothing to report on this.

I had no stomach issues, I had no cramping, I didn’t even feel as if I was “bonking” too badly, just could not get the body to go today. I think the fact my bike and running shoes were lost for almost 3 days and I was not able to workout did not help me as I proved in California a moderate taper works so much better for me. That being said, I have no excuses. Others were just better then me today. I will also tell you this; my hat is off to everyone who had solid efforts today. There is nowhere to hide on this course. I think Wildflower bike might be a bit easier, but I think Wildflower’s run is harder.

On another note, My 15 year old athlete Jenn Holland won the overall women’s title at Trizou this weekend. Lindsay won the overall Rockford Duathlon! My client Debbie got 5th in her AG out here in St. Croix for her second half IM EVER!!! Russell suffered a flat so his result is a bit misleading.

About are from my Garmin from today’s race.

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