Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great things all around

I just spent the last week with Simon Thompson. He is an amazing athlete but more importantly an awesome guy. He has become a life coach and was telling me the tremendous satisfaction he gets from helping people balance triathlon with family, jobs, and other pressures and still perform well.

What he was saying rang so true. How many of you have ever been on a workout torn because you felt needed somewhere else therefore you could not really “engage” in your session? We all have. Simon is not a counselor but specializes in helping us put into perspective the things in our life that pull at us the most. VERY interesting. It is also rare to have an athlete still competing at the highest level willing and able to work with you who directly understands the demands of the sport.

I also spoke with Ryan Bolton last week. He has not raced in years, as he has been focusing on his coaching. He was not only an 2000 Olympic athlete, but also coaches Kenyans for running currently. He decided to jump into a half marathon and ran 1:05:08!!!


Well done Ryan.

This week I am hosting one of my athletes Kristin Lie from Norway. She hopes to podium at Wisconsin this year, and she is looking pretty fit!

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