Monday, May 31, 2010

New stuff

Did the Fox Trot 5K today in Elgin. It was good fun, and a good race. I was able to pull off a win, but got some luck as there was a 10 mile race as well and I think the big guns were doing the longer race today for the most part.

I have done that race for over a decade off an on, now my kids were getting into it by doing the 2 mile fun run/walk. I thought back to all the times I went to local 5/10K races with my father when I was little. I remember never doing well, but always having to wait around for awards so my younger sister could collect her trophy, let me stress this again –every time.

I also saw a lot of old friends before and after the race and it made me really reflect on all the racing I have done over the years. Lindsay and I have been making an effort to try to do some different things, even if it is changing from the 10 mile race you always do, to the 5k. Seems like we often (myself included) get stuck in a rut, and we need to be forced out of it to make a change at times.

Last weekend we did Memphis which like above is something we always have done. This time we were going to do something different but so many friends were doing the race this year, we decided to have one last crack at it. It turned out to be good as the race is retiring the venue I have been going to off an on since the very beginning of my racing experience. One year my dad and I were standing on the shores waiting for our turn. I wasn’t sure if my bike even FIT ME as I hadn’t ever used it! Times have changed. So while it was a brutal day, and one I had to do a lot of walking, it was nice to say goodbye and be forced out of that rut.

Next weekend Lindsay and I are going to Kansas 70.3, a new race for us. I spent the last 6 days trying to get rested up as we thought I was a bit over done going into Memphis. Kansas I have a feeling will offer some new challenges and I am looking forward to doing my best.

If you are there, I’ll see you out there, and good luck!

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