Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The saying “The devil is in the details” struck true for me this week.

I misplaced my foot pod this spring and have been dragging my feet (no pun intended) to replace it. It is 100 bucks, and it has to show up eventually right? Besides, I worked so hard on improving my cadence this winter, I should be OK. Yea, well, not really. I had a sub par run on Sunday. Nothing terrible, but definitely felt heavy footed.

I borrowed Jim Vance’s foot pod yesterday am to just observe where I was. It was shocking. I slipped back to 84-86 rpm. I forced myself on a flat course to not make a change to see the mile split. After that mile I allowed myself to go to work on shortening my stride, leaning forward, relaxing the hips, etc. The result was 89 rpm and about 30 seconds per mile faster. Point taken, I am buying a new foot pod!

Stay on top of the details in your training.

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