Tuesday, October 12, 2010

9:16:34 Hawaii 2010

I am so happy with my result in Kona. I am still a bit shocked that I finished up with a 4:08 Steelhead 70.3, then backed it up with a 9:16 in Kona. I do not think I am going to race Clearwater as i am having a hard time finding an upside.

Several people have asked for a Kona RR I will put one together in the next couple days.

everyone who finished the race well done!

I had 4 other athletes I coach there. 2 were first timers, and both finished VERY strong.

Jim Dicker PR'd at Kona by over 30 min

Julie Woods Shelly Set a PR at Louisville of 11:28, then came to Kona and went 10:58! 2 PR's in a row! WOW!

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