Sunday, March 24, 2013

Preseason has begun.

It’s been a whirlwind for the last part of my winter build season. I cannot believe how much I have picked up. It has been so exciting to rub shoulders with such great sources such as Julie Dibens, Christian Vande Velde, Jeff Kitchen, Nes Rodriguez (of Studeo DNA) and others.
If you haven’t gotten a metabolic test in a while I strongly recommend it. An LT test is good, but a met test will help show fuel efficiency. Thanks to Jeff from Endurance Rehab we have decided I can do my endurance runs at almost 10-12 beats higher then I have even allowed myself to do. I'm still not in shape enough to do I all the time, but I feel liberated to reach a new level I was never allowing myself to do before because I was using more traditional calculations for HR zones.

Research is always changing and having inside information from people who are keeping up with the times can really help you get better, and keep getting better.
Today I got to race the Fearless double sprint race that Lars Finanger puts on. What a classy organization who clearly loves what they do. The race was super fun, but also really tough format. The change though was a welcome thing after having been locked into the same old distances and formats for a few years. I hope it was a good tune up for me to do Oceanside next weekend where the competition is always tough.

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