Monday, February 17, 2014

Almost through winter

It has been one of the worst winters I can remember in a long time. I have actually experienced -52 below (with wind chill). I knew it got bad when they said they were brining in the Polar bears at the zoo as the cold was worse then they usually experience.

With all that being said, I am ready for spring!!! I am ready for warmer temperatures, brighter skies, and race season!

I am still unsure if I will do Kona this year (assuming I have a chance and qualify). I have stated previously here, and on the Training Bible Coaching Podcast that I will not if my foot is guaranteed to be a problem still.

This off-season I tried to enlist all the help I could find regarding the matter. Dr. Kane of Kane Podiatry in Geneva Il. Has created what seems to be some great “orthotics”. I put it in quotes, because why they are orthotics, they are not traditional ones. He feels I have very stiff heels because of how my bones are, so not something I can stretch or strengthen to change. For this reason, traditional orthotics would not work. Instead we created a foot bed of sorts that helps to alleviate the pressure spots and bring some great relief. I still have to pair them with the right shoes I am finding but the results to this point are encouraging.

I have also enlisted the help of Garrett Krugg at Turner Pain and Wellness. He has a strength program that is so individualized to include daily videos practically of movements and trying to re create movement patters I am doing wrong. This seems to also be helping.

For all these reasons I have signed up for St. Croix. This will give me St. Croix and Eagleman to try to qualify. I think I will still do Wisconsin and focus on that and do Kona the best I can, but with a little less pressure. I have a goal of trying to get to 10 Kona finishes, so 3 more to go hopefully.

I continue to see a lot of success with the athletes I coach. I want to give that some of the attention it deserves so will try (I always say that, but life gets in the way and actual coachingJ) to do a separate blog entry on some of them.

Off to our sold out Tucson Camp next week (Feb 6th) and will be getting there early so I can enjoy some more warm weather while there.  After that we will be doing some private camps with athletes the end of Feb but am really looking forward to about 10 days in California before and after Oceanside. 

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