Friday, December 11, 2015

consultations coming in!

Our Amp program is growing every day, its so exciting to see athletes really starting to take advantage of the included resources!

Here is an example of one of the athletes and what types of questions and feedback we help them with, included in the 59.00 a month price -


I'm 36, I've been "dabbling" in triathlon since 2007. My overall goal is continuous improvement with my focus being on the general fitness the training provides. 

I completed IM CDA with a 16:19 time, IM Florida with a 16:18 time. I competed in the Rev3 Cedar Point in but had to pull out after 70 miles on the bike due to a knee injury. I ran IM AZ, finishing in 15:20. 

I ran IM UK but had not been training well and missed the time cutoff at mile 90 on the bike. This year I ran IM France, my training was improved but still not adequate, especially for the challenging bike route and I missed the time cut off at mile 80. 

I've signed up for IM France again next year (June 5th) and I'm considering IM Wales or IM Dublin 70.3 as well but I need to get my training on track before making that call. My goal for IM France is to break 14 hours.

As you can tell from my results I'm a mediocre age group athlete. This is primarily due to inconsistency in my training. I've been listening to the TBC podcast for a while now to help with my motivation and decided to join the AMP to get a little more guidance, motivation and accountability in my training in order to achieve that consistency.

I currently live in England and my work schedule is quite hectic with changing hours week to week and frequent trips. I can train an hour each week day and 3-4 hours most Saturdays and Sundays. 

I have a small indoor pool to swim in, not big enough for laps so I have a tether to hook myself to the wall. I have a treadmill and Computrainer as well. Necessities as the English winter sets in.

So that's a little bit about me. 

Thanks again for the help,

AMP member

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