Saturday, January 26, 2008

Halfway around the World with Simon

I have clients located throughout the USA, but the World as well. Today I am sitting in the Sydney airport waiting for a connecting flight to Melbourne, Aus.

Simon my athlete here and I get together for the last 2 years to train and get him ready for some of his races upcoming. It sis a pretty cool thing because not only were we able to track a significant gain in fitness last year for him, I get a healthy boost as well as it is summer here when it is sub zero back home.

This is Simon’s second full year doing triathlons and has been not only a quick study, but also a true joy to work with. As is often the case with my athletes I become pretty close friends with them. I think that helps me get to know all the little motivational traits to squeeze as much potential out of them as possible.

Last year Simon, against my recommendations did 3 Ironman events. His first was IM New Zealand. We decided to do this race as at the time it offered us the highest probability of qualify for Kona (Simon’s goal). He had never done an Ironman and had only been doing triathlons for about 6 months. But seeing as he was in his summer months, his fitness was coming along quickly, and we agreed that with most people not coming back to do NZ after the previous year’s weather, we would try it. He finished in just over 11 hours, but ran a sub 3:30 off the bike!

Arizona was next. The day before Simon and I were discussing his pre race plans and race strategy when all his power devices simply stopped working. We had to come up with a new plan at the last second. Simon handled like a pro and set a new PR finishing under 11 hours!

Simon was at Kona for his final race. He wanted to enjoy the day and realized this would be an experience different from all the others indeed. Simon handled the day like a pro and went just about 11 hours again.
So here I am, sitting at the Sydney airport ready to help him launch his 2008 season. This time though we have a group of athletes all going to IM AZ in April to have go at each other. We have about 16 people going so we decided to split up the teams equally and add up or times. Winning team wins bragging rights, and some other cool stuff. Simon however is not on my team for this, so maybe Ill want to tell him to take it easy with me for the next few weeks. (kidding)

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