Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I went to Florida Ironman with one of my athletes. I become very close to all the athletes I coach as we really spend quite a bit of time talking and working on goals.

Yuri, one of my athletes is one of the single best stories. Yuri came to me in May of 2006. He had acquired a Hawaii Lottery spot and was in need of a coach. This all sounds normal to this point, but here is what Yuri was about to tell me. Yuri weight over 310 pounds, did not own a bike, and had never ran more then 5 min in his LIFE!

I will not take a client I do nto feel I can help. If we do nto agree on expectations and goal settings, I believe it is best they do nto use me as at the end of the day they will not be satisfied with the outcome unless they hit their goal. I explained to Yuri my position on this, and told him I did not feel this is a very good idea. He and I decided to take a “one step at a time” approach and see what happens. YURI FINISHED HAWAII in 16:46! I couldn’t believe it. I explained to him this was the pinnacle of my coaching career. Then I teased him. I said, if you are going to be third to last, couldn’t you have just been last, then you would have gotten on TV. J

Fast forward to 2007. Yuri weights almost 100 pounds lighter and has become one of my most dedicated athletes. He went down to Florida with me. We roomed together, went to the race together, and had talked about strategy, etc.
As proud of myself, and happy as I was when I went 10:02, with an hour PR, Yuri went 12:30!! He took over 4 hours off his Ironman in 1 year! I am so proud of him, and all the work he has done. We came up with a pacing strategy using his power tap. We had a nutrition plan, which Infinit helped us create, and a run strategy. He nailed it! He really deserves the Kudos on this one.

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