Friday, February 29, 2008

The hardest part about Ironman is making it to the start line.

Well, I have been trying to ignore an on going Achilles ache I have has for some time now. I keep trying to justify how it feels better then the day before, or it just does not feel any worse.

I was looped into a crazy bet with about 15 other crazy Midwesterns’. We decided it would be a great idea to try to do IM AZ, even though most of our long bricks would most likely be done in snowsuits. I am beginning to think that this will only prove my theory that it is hard to be objective with yourself, we ALL need to listen to our coaches when they tell us we are nuts. J

So I have been doing this training, much indoors, much in the dark, and MUCH in the freezing cold. Now I have to face the facts that the Ironman dream will have to hit the snooze button in my life. I am doing well taking things in stride though with the attitude that whatever happens is happening for a reason. There is not much else I can do except face the reality of my situation and deal with it as best as possible.

More importantly one of my athletes I coach is suffering from the same issue. I have started to work with Craig McKenzie. We have only been working together now for a few weeks, but he expressed to me that he had Achilles pain when we started. We had plans of getting him into the top 3 overall at IM Australia next month and are very disappointed that he will not be able to try for this result for a bit more time.

Going back to my “everything happens for a reason”, I explained this to Craig as well. His wife, several months pregnant, could probably use some extra help and if nothing else they can spend a bit of extra time together. Those of us with kids know these moments will evaporate like water on our heads in Kona once the baby arrives.

I have been so busy lately helping coaches all over the globe train to be the best coaches they can be. This might be a blessing in disguise as this year will more then likely be occupied with getting these coaches and athletes the attention they deserve. We take so very seriously customer service and ongoing training at TBC that this has been very consuming.

These coaches we are working with now are so incredibly smart and wonderful people. I find myself working with them all the time because they are so much fun to interact with. So for now, I’ll hobble from coach to coach, keep an eye on Craig as well as the other athletes I coach and move on. If nothing else I’ll be going to Arizona in a few weeks even if only to watch.

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