Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tucson Camp

(Pictures to come)

We had an amazing camp! The reports I am getting are all positive. It was tricky to combine the right amount of speakers along with training opportunities, but I think we came very close.

We wanted to create a very inexpensive camp for TBC clients (375.00 for 4 day camp) so they could interact with their coaches and build some fitness. We had 22 campers with 11 coaches so it was an amazing ratio. All levels were accommodated for the camp as well.

Thursday started with a group meeting handing out some products, meeting coaches and general explanations of the camp. We then headed up for a coached swim workout by former Pro Triathlete Wes Hobson. If swimming was not your thing Former Pro Duathlete Eric Schwartz held a group run. After these events we broke for lunch and met up for a ride which included Gates Pass. The day finished with a talk from Joe Friel on how to better use your power meters, speed distance watches and WKO software.

Friday started with a talk from Cheryl about sports psychology. It was fantastic. Several people enjoyed the talk to the point they have contacted her for continued help. With a long ride or a long brick on the agenda for this day, we divided up by ability and choice of workout and went out for several hours of riding and running. I liked this because all the athletes were able to interact with the coaches on a very personal level throughout the camp. Friday night we had an included dinner with Wes speaking about his experiences as a Pro triathlete, and Cheryl taking Q&A.

Saturday was Mt. Lemon Day! Most of the campers were looking forward to this the most. To make things interesting we started in a time trial format which helped us time the accent to all arrive close to the same time. Mike P. was the king of Mt Lemon for the day. Even better were we all put up 10 dollars to see who would physically reach the top first. Mike FLEW up the hill and claimed the prize.

Sunday was another coached workout for swim, a lot more technique focus and we finished up with a long run in the desert.

All in all it was an amazing camp. The coaches that helped were invaluable, selfless, and committed to each of the campers. The campers were all complete studs, asked great questions, learned a lot and are going to get more benefit from the experience then they had originally planned.

TBC wants to continue to offer these great camps and clinics for our members and extend some invitations to non members as well. While a lot of work is involved setting things up, I think everyone really appreciates the effort.

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Jeff said...

It was an awesome camp, Adam. All the speakers were great and the coaches extremely helpful. Challenging several days. Just what I needed to prep for IM AZ.