Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Heading to Arizona

Rehab is going well. It helps o be married to a great PT! We expected 4-6 weeks off running, and I have actually been cleared to run three 30 min sessions so far. It gets a touch sore after each run, but it is definitely on the mend. When I asked if it would be OK to do the run at AZ, I got that look that wives give husbands when they think they are complete idiots. It was deserved.

Under advisement of some close friends and advisors I have decided to swim bike only. To help fight the temptation of doing the run, I will not even put running shoes in T2 (maybeJ) I am very excited to be able to stand on the sidelines and cheer on the athletes I work with as well. They are going to need it as it is expected to be 96+ degrees! Now I am somewhat glad to be injured.

To everyone reading this doing Arizona, Good Luck! Back off your pace strategy and realize the heat will slow you down. If I were to be doing the run, I seriously doubt I would wear an aero helmet. I think I would opt instead for keeping body core temperature as low as possible.

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