Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Out 4-6 weeks (no running) ughhhh!

I am halfway through being out 4-6 weeks with an Achilles injury. This is probably one of only times in my life I have been forced to stop any sport for something like this. The first time was all in the off season, so the impact and effect were not too great. This time I am supposed to be not only doing the Ironman with my friends, but also when I am supposed to be gearing up for my major races.

I am on the fence with going to the Ironman and doing the swim and the bike, then being there to cheer on my friends. If I had it my way, this is exactly what I would do. The issue with this situation however is the aftermath we all have to face from our peers with a “DNF”, even if justified.

I remember getting into the sport because of the support and general feeling of being accepted, encouraged, and supported by friends, peers, and people I look up to. It is with that same feeling I try to coach my athletes with. Too often athletes are no longer given this same treatment when they start or struggle through hard times. It’s unfortunate.

I’m on the fence on what I should or better said want to do. Ill think it over for a couple more days, but the fact that it is still so windy, cold and SNOWY here makes for a good argument it would be fun to just go...have fun. Despite what the critics say.

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