Monday, June 23, 2008

Bigfoot and Disney

Training has been going at a steady rate. Athletes I coach are going well, and the summer is finally linking some great weather together for us to train in.

I have hired a new coach this year. I am asked at times if I have a coach, and I absolutely do. Today I did a race here locally, the Bigfoot Triathlon put on by Running Away. They did an amazing job. The course was very tough though, and there were some really good athletes in the field. What made the course for me harder was the training we put in the week of the race, to include a 5 hour ride the day before. Some people do not like to go into a race tired, but I don’t mind. Sure it makes for some questionable performances at times, but racing is fun, and is simply the best way to get experience and put a flashlight on your weaknesses.

Anyway, today at Bigfoot as I was trying to run through the wooded cross country course, I could find every excuse to slow down, or just “bag” the effort. If a coach does nothing else but help you to believe in yourself and push yourself through some low points it is almost worth it on its own. I knew I would have to report my results back to my coach, and I wanted him to be impressed with me.

With athletes we coach we have them prioritize their races. Today was the lowest priority, a “C” race. Please understand I race as hard as I can for all the races, but with the lower priorities it is just a situation where less, if any rest is put in for the event. I was able to get 2nd overall today and the athlete who won was simply the better athlete today and deserves the win.

Here is how my race went:

Well, I should start with Saturday.

Saturday I got to meet up with Paul W, one of the nicest guys I have gotten a chance to train with and very talented as well. We brought Yuri along for the ride who has continued to make huge progress over the past 18 mo. going from 340 pounds to riding 4 hours plus the day before an Olympic race is good stuff.

Sunday- Race day

Swim went well, I was able to get a good start and share the lead with another swimmer. Admittedly he did most of the work as he was too strong for me to stay in front of for long. We came out in 20 min, which seemed to be within 45 seconds of the fastest overall swim for the day – good start.

The bike was almost a DNF. I used Red Bull as I had no other nutrition left with me. When I opened the water bottle it shot into my mouth, distracting me just enough to have me veer off the road. A near miss with a pothole, a mailbox a moving car later I was finally up to speed. I had a good split. Today I averaged just a bit over 300 watts.

The run was brutal. I tried to think of positives thoughts and forced myself to stop scripting what I would say when someone in my wave eventually passed me. Up down through the woods to grand mother’s house…

My run as always still needs work, but I hung in there and finished strong.

It is always so helpful to see others on a 2 loop course and get re energized when new athletes are running with you on the second loop.

From the race to Disney World with the kids! Back in a week.

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Paul said...

Great job Adam. Amazing. Thanks for the kind words. Maybe this year we can race in Kona.
Keep up the great work and enjoy your vacation.