Friday, July 4, 2008

Back at it.

Vacation is supposed to revitalize you fill you with energy and help you face the World when you come back right??? I usually never take a vacation, much to my wife’s displeasure that does not center on the ability to train or race.

Our last family trip was my opportunity to punch my ticket on that request. It was perfect. Kids were involved, Lindsay was there, and I could satisfy everybody’s need to have dad on a “vacation”. It was a lot of fun. I only did barebones schedule couple swims, and a couple runs all week long. Everything was done by the time breakfast was over and then I had nothing but family time going into the rest of the day and night.

It was the perfect “vacation”. I did everything I was supposed to do and to be quite frank was happy to do so. I had as much fun as anyone else there. So where is my revitalized attitude and outlook? I came back last weekend and have felt as if I have been moving through quicksand the entire week. My motivation is in the tank and every workout is looming over me as an obligation, not something I look forward to doing.

I have a race on the schedule for this weekend and am actually on my flight too it as I type. Lake Stevens 70.3 was my alternative race to some other ones I like doing. I chose this one this year as I was going to Lake Placid to support Lindsay in her Ironman effort. She has since decided due to work and other obligations Ironman is not in the cards for her this year, so I am able to do the other races now. With my attitude the way it is right now I half did not want to go to LS 70.3. I decided what I most likely needed though was to be put back in the environment and “act as if”. My hope is by going through the motions by the time the race starts…or ends, ill be jump started.

We will see.

I know at the end of the day I want to be successful, and I do have a lot of fun doing the sport so I am absolutely sure things will eventually come around. For all of you struggling with the same thing, I just wanted you to know we all can relate at some time or another. We always seem to see people at group functions or exciting workouts most people are excited for. I think it leaves us with the feeling like we are strange that sometimes we struggle. I assure you, you are not different from any other triathlete in the World. We all have ups and downs. Thankfully, more ups then downs.


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