Monday, September 15, 2008

Not even sure what to Title this one.

Ok, sometimes I swear things are stacked against us just to test our mettle. Training you would think is hard enough, but add the sense of humor of God at times and we have a unique concoction of small miracles and just making ourselves look like complete asses.

Enter Adam-

I have a wonderful daughter and stepson. They definitely add a unique dimension to the daily “To Do” list at times, but always worth it. My daughter and I get to enjoy her gymnastics practices every Monday and Wednesday night together. Before I continue let me explain that I do not live full time with my daughter, she lives with her Mom. I see her very frequently usually 7 days out of every 14 so I work very hard to maintain a very active roll in her life. In addition to that, when I have her I try to make most functions centered on the kids and giving them the attention they deserve.

Back to the gym- These being my nights with her, I was not extremely excited to have to observe her through an observation window for 90 min. My daughter isn’t too pleased that it cuts into our time either, but I think it is good that I play a roll in as many aspects of her life as possible.

99% of the time I have everything done and am able to watch her do her practice in entirety. With crunch time for IM training, this particular day I was running behind and justified leaving for 40 min of the 90 to do my short run. After all, most of the other parents do not stay, so I really would not be a bad Dad doing this…

Ok, I take her in, it’s already raining, and I am thinking this is really going to suck running in the rain, and changing out of wet running clothes in the car, but I am committed and to get it done today, it is what is required. Back to the car, I put on the running gear and go to put on my running shoes – no insoles! Come ON I think, I must have switched them as they had my orthodics in them. OK, I am resourceful, Ill take them out of my casual shoes and just make the best of it. My shoes I’m wearing this day have insoles glued in… I pick at them for a second now willing to totally ruin the shoes to get them out, but it is not happening. OK, Ill run without insoles, it’s a short run, I’ll be OK. After a quick inspection I realize I have the new Nikes with the ability to put the pod or whatever it’s called in them. Well I do not have a Pod, so I have a damn hole with a hard plastic rim in the center of my arch. This is getting ridiculous I think, OK Ill try it. At this point what do I have to loose?

I start running, of course feel it a bit, but try to draw on my Marine Corps days and pretend I do not want the Drill Instructor to know I screwed up and forgot something knowing the discomfort of whatever I am currently experiencing will only be compounded if I go noticed. On we go, and it really gets to be OK.

Of course I am SOAKED, to the core. I come back from the run and assemble the best I can the dry clothes on the passenger seat, knowing I have 50 min of “safe time” to change in the parking lot until the class of 5-7 year old girls and Moms’ pour out of the building in mass to all the cars- I can do this.

The parking lot seems very crowded today and I can’t seem to figure out why. Well I found out. There is a NEW class also going on. That class gets out 45 min before my daughter’s or more accurately exactly the point in time I whip my wet clothes to the back seat and am totally exposed! Shit! I scramble to get my underwear up my wet legs which of course is rolling up and getting caught on everything. There is no way I am going to make it and I scramble for my shirt and a towel to cover up. Oh, this is going to look real great I think to myself, imagining the headlines in the Police blotter the next day and having to explain to my kid why she had to help bail Dad out of jail.

Of course the car next to me must have been designated the car pool van for the day and more kids then clowns getting into the cars at the circus are able to pile in, all the time, thank goodness the mom is focusing on strapping in these youngsters and not thinking to look at the covered up half naked man in the car next to her. Finally I am able to finish getting everything on without being discovered and become fully clothed – RELIEF.

As I get out of the car and give the Mom a waive I think to myself, “Boy that run was worth it”. Man the things we do to fit everything in at times.

I just wanted people to know I can relate to having to fit things in around a very busy schedule. It gets to be tough at times, but you know what, it is worth it.


Paul said...

Adam, that is pretty funny. Congrats on getting the run in, seeing your dauther and not ending up in jail.

You need to buy an Element.

Adam Zucco said...

thanks man. :)