Sunday, January 11, 2009

The charts you can use in WKO are extremely comprehensive as well as motivating. Below is a chart that compares any two date ranges for your mean maximal power output at any given duration. In this graph the yellow line represents the power my athlete was able to achieve a year ago. The dotted line indicates the power she was able achieve over the past 12 mo.! Wow what an improvement.

It is cols as hell in Chicago right now. Next week we can look forward to negative 30 degrees when you factor in wind chill. We are all asking ourselves right now, “Why am I doing this?”

I have to be one of the most motivated athletes around in terms of getting the training done no matter what. On some of my long outside workouts right now I find myself justifying that if I retire from competing now, I can become an even better coach. J

Currently Im looking into flights for the weekend to go train somewhere better, buying snow shoes, considering cross country skiing, whatever. At the end of the day however the best way to keep an athlete motivated is how my friend and one of the best swim coaches in the country (Randy Reese) says to; if you show them improvement, they will be motivated. Hard to argue with that.

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