Sunday, March 29, 2009

first race effort of 2009... done

Today I dropped in a local San Diego race called “Super Seal”. It was a tough go as it really was one of the first race specific efforts I have had for the season. Remarkably the bike let me down a touch here but I tried not to panic. I pedaled more for cadence then I like to and tried not to panic. My plan going in was to run well and attack the first 2 miles and worry about the last 4 later. I did, and was running well, but most of the first 2 miles deep sand which was really tough to run in. By the end of the run I was just a bit out of gas and fell to 5th.

These are times when it is important to not over react. I tell my clients all the time, stay focused on your goals. Super Seal was not a goal of mine this year yet the competitor in me has trouble at times dealing with the results of those efforts.

I have athletes that I swear have the shortest memory of anyone. I will receive emails saying they have incredible workouts followed a couple days later by ones that do not go very well at all. The email that follows is usually something like “what is wrong with me, I feel like I am not making progress”. After a short conversation they remember they ARE, and they realize we do not peak for every workout.

All in all it was a great race today to be a part of and it was nice to see some new faces on the race course. Chicago got 5 inches of snow today so if I were home I think things might have been less fun anyway.


Kristin said...

Well done superhero boss Adam! Stay focused as you tell us.. and don't be afraid to rest ;)


Paul said...

Nice job Adam, yu fell to 5th, got to love that comment.

see you back in town

ramon said...

Thanks for the quick report Adam. I did SuperSeal last year, its certainly no walk in the park. Nice job and throw down this weekend in Oceanside. "Get After It"