Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring and Power

Spring is finally here and in the Chicago land area it looks like we may actually get one this year! Normally we go from winter to flood season then about 6 weeks of summer then back to winter. Here is hoping for the best.

We had a fantastic camp last week in Arizona. Complete with talks from Joe Friel, underwater analysis from Jim Vance, run technique with Tom Manzi, and Bike handling and other skills from Rob Kelley. All the campers reported learning a tremendous amount of information.

One of the things I still find curious is when we take the time to explain to the participants how to use TrainingPeaks correctly so we can actually grab and analyze their uploaded files correctly how amazed they are with the type of information we can provide them. There are so many cool new things to buy each year as athletes it is easy to get carried away. I believe the best investments you can still make though are power meters and speed distance watches. Every athlete I coach really enjoys seeing the changes they are able to make with these devices. Furthermore, each one that has purchased these has improved hands down.

I just spoke with one of my best friends and training partners yesterday. He wants a new bike but is on the fence about getting a power meter. He currently has but drastically under utilizes a power tap. We spoke about his options for power meters ad I had to spend some time convincing him that he would benefit far more from making every workout count versus having a really cool new bike. It is a tough sale, but I think I got him to come around.

In fact I believe so much in the power devices I have come up with incentives for my athletes that start with me to buy them. In many cases I waive part of my fees so as to free up some of their cash to purchase these. I explain to them we are in this for the long haul together and I am willing to invest in them as athletes if they are. I guess you can say I put my money where mouth is on this subject.

Enjoy your spring training, good luck to everyone starting to race! Be safe out there.

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Adam Beston said...

Just got done at a forum concluding that many people out there feel powermeters are just for the pros to use in conjuction with wind tunnel data bc of the amount of testing involved in maximizing position versus power versus the subsequent run pace. Two questions as i am still open-minded. Do you have your athletes pace races with power and do you include lots of testing (how often) and brick testing (to see the effects on the run). Thanks