Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Pig Gig

I just did Pigman Triathlon. It is an awesome race. It is reasonably priced, very well organized, tons of volunteers and aid stations, and even has an Elite wave that age groupers can do, as well as a time trial start for all others.

I am in the middle of my Ironman training right now as well as playing a bit of catch up with my knee as I had suffered an injury which just started to feel better a couple weeks ago.

Even though I felt a but off it was awesome to race for the main reason I looked up the last time I did the race which was 2000. My swim was about the same my bike was 2:31ish and my run was 1:43 for a 4:43 total time. That was 2000. This year I went sameish on the swim, 2:16 on the bike in a massive rain storm, and 1:32 on the run for a total time of 4:20.

It was fun to compete and remember vividly the last time I was on the course, who I used to look up to, where I was with my fitness, what I felt were good performances for me, etc. All of those things have changed but I can remember I felt I was pretty good back then and very close to my peak performances I would ever achieve. This is exactly what I try to enforce in my athletes.

What you think now is not what you will be thinking later. ANYONE can get faster do better, reach further, and set new goals. Please note in the example it was 9 years ago! You have to be patient I invested in good coaching, and have started to reap the rewards it has brought.

Pigman this years was insane. When we started it was raining and it was getting progressively more and more windier.

I took the swim out very quick knowing David Thompson would be the guy to watch. After a couple minutes I felt I was still in the lead. I saw Thompson start to come around me on the right hand side but about 10 yards away. I was sprinting as hard as I could to try to get on his feet. I worked myself into some bubbles but was not quite on yet. To my left I say a couple more swimmers. When I sighted I noticed David and I were pretty far off course. I decided to head back to course and gave up chase. That was a mistake as from that point on he just got further and further ahead. I was able to stay very comfortable in the chase pack and we came out about 90 seconds behind.

The bike was the single most insane bike ride I have ever done. It was raining so hard I wasn’t sure if the glasses would work so I left them behind. The rain was coming down so hard though and the wind was blowing so hard it HRURT to look forward. I caught an edge a couple times because I couldn’t see where I was going.

I had two riders in front of me that were riding pretty strong. I usually like to average about 300 watts for my half races and I was well over that trying to keep pace. After a few miles I was able to drop into second place but was clearly even matched with that athlete. We were able to maintain a pretty good average trading leads which was mentally helpful as at times I had to go 450 watts just to go 15 mph into the wind and quickly ran out of gears and was going 46 mph with wind at our back!

Coming into T2 I was 3rd, felt solid but no “snap”. Did the best I could to run solid but it simply was not happening that day. That is Ok too as I have to keep building up fitness on my knee.

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