Monday, January 23, 2012

TBC Annual meeting

We just had our annual meeting with TBC. Every year we have
this I am reenergized. I can’t believe how many great coaches we have in that
room and it causes me to wonder how many other coaches or even groups of
coaches have those resources available to them. Some of the topics we discussed
as a group:
Stress and diet and the effect is has on the
immune system, your adrenals, and OTS (over training
Biomechanics and injury recovery from athletes
suffering from injuries requiring medical assistance
Marathon build and workout structures from Ryan
Bolton who currently runs an elite Kenyan running squad
Functional strength and specific exercises for a
variety of endurance needs
New training methods to include Block periodzaton
techniques from Joe Friel and Jim Vance
These are just to name some of the corner stone
presentations. In addition to that, all of the round table discussions, talk
over dinners, etc. were incredible.

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