Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

I had thought seriously about the idea of turning pro for the upcoming season. While I know I will never be running side by side with Crowie on the Queen K, at least not going the same direction on game day, I still came up with several reasons why I could justify the move. They included:

Cost, I just love hearing pros complain about having to pay 750.00 to do all the races on the circuit. My single entry fee for 2012 Kona was 750.00 alone. So the idea for a single entry fee I could race all season was pretty appealing to me.

- Flexibility, while I was pleasantly surprised to qualify at IMFLA last summer, I had already signed up for 3 other qualifying races for the upcoming season. So I could still go do those, but of course all involve travel, scheduling, etc. So being able to decide later and get into races that are full, etc. would be pretty cool.

- Competition, I have some great AG competition. So I do not mean to sound as if I can’t find that in my current ranks, bit I hardly ever get to SEE them. To be able to race head to head with people to help make you better would be great. I think I have a solid 70.3 swim bike but I always start last and with my name being a “z” I am not even always against the best in my AG.

Having weighed all that out though, as well as already qualifying for Kona, I am going to stay AG’r. It is going to allow me to do Kona as well as Vegas which would probably not happen as a pro, and I think being a top AG athlete Is pretty impressive as well. Additionally my father has done 14 Ironman races and is trying to get into Kona Legacy program so this would be an awesome thing to do with him I hope this year.
My focus for now is going to be Vegas 70.3 followed closely by Kona, a bit of a reversal from years past. I am doing this as I think Vegas is tough enough I will get solid build up anyway, but I think I have a shot to podium in Vegas more so then Kona and so that is my overall goal I believe for 2012

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