Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pic from of Kona 2012

This is the kind of stuff I am talking about. It is so hard to compete against people willing to do this. If you are coming up on a group like this, which I did, the effort to pass them is huge as you have to pass them all, but then to stay in front for long enough to get away can kill your race.

Ive seen some say they were happy to take the penalty for the added benefit, I personally dont get it. If this is how you want to race, there is something called ITU, or Bike racing - Enjoy. As a profesional coach I feel we have an added responsibility to try to race as clean as possible, and encourage our athletes to do the same.

In 2009 Scott Iott was 8th in the AG with 9:30. that would put you in about 25-40th place now. Cyclists willing to dope, people willing to draft, its all cheating. It really is too bad.


Thomas Gerlach Professional Triathlete said...

Adam, hence why I do the hardest races I can. Although in the pro ranks we actually are in a legit paceline, I still would rather do insane bike courses that break things up. Both Leadman races were draft free. In the meantime, I am working on my running so I can run some insane marathons.


Thomas Gerlach
Professional Triathlete

Gary said...

Great post Adam! I agree wholeheartedly that so many are so results driven that they do anything possible to satisfy their ego and friend's expectations. I know I have many times reminded myself the true reasons to be out there.....for the sort, and the feel of having myself on the edge. I sleep well at night, knowing all I have accomplished was without breaking the rules. With time, we all realize that the only true judge of ourselves, is ourselves. I am pleased with my efforts.

Gary Geiger

Todd B said...

After coming out of the water WAY back with a 1:10 swim and having to pass almost 800 people on the bike, I saw A LOT of this and it shocked me how much blatant drafting was going on. This was my first year on the island, so I don't know if it was due to the difficulty of the day this year or if it's always the case, but it was extremely disappointing to see.

Triathlon Training said...

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