Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Poem

My mother is a personal trainer in Georiga and does a piece in the loacl paper somewhat as a "Dear Abby". She goes by Fannie Fit for this. I thought her poem was clever!

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                                                 Fannie's annual Christmas poem

                                                           Twas' the month of December

and all through the gym,

members feared tis' the season

when no one stays slim!

With the best of intentions

you spring from your bed,

while visions of partying

dance in your head.

"This year will be different"

you say to yourself.

"Those great bakery treats,

I'll just leave on the shelf!".

"I'll exercise daily

 no reason for stopping,

except… when I have

to go holiday shopping!"

Then suddenly at your door

there arose such a clatter.

Oh no! it's your neighbor

with her famous fudge platter!

The first of six parties

will take place tonight.

"I'll just use restraint,

sample food with one bite."

Upon entering the home

filled with holiday cheer,

 the next thing you know

someone hands you a beer!

You now spot the "lair"

where the food has been set.

OMG! it looks awesome,

 as your palms start to sweat.

Recognizable dishes

many known for their fame,

set your pulse rate to quiver

as you call them by name.

There's glazed ham, candied yam,

homemade rolls, "oh good grief".

Pecan pies fill your eyes

and "ah yes", that roast beef!

This is just too much pressure

 you're beginning to cave,

while the "foodies" around you

smack their lips and just rave.

As you sit in the corner

with buffet plate on knees,

your hostess approaches

"Try my brownies, oh please!"

The guests start to leave

as they 'waddle' about.

But you did it! Hooray!

You didn't pig out!

With a smile on your face,

you reflect on the night.

You've enjoyed smaller portions,

so the scale won't cause fright.

Food is now everywhere,

after all, tis' the season.

But you'll be just fine

if you eat within reason!


       Happy holidays! Love,


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