Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cozumel Recap

Finally getting to where I feel well enough to write a blog entry.
I talk about  my experience at IMCOZ on our podcast that we just sent out today if you are looking for more details, but in a few words – the entire trip was bad. I got sick on the plane ride over, could literally feel it coming on. I barely made it through dinner on Thursday night before the race then slept about 13-14 hours that night, followed by 2 naps the next day. It was awful. I was trying to get cold and flu remedies in Mexico without any idea how to communicate to the pharmacists what I needed.

Starting the race I felt OK, but by 50 miles into the bike I could tell my body was just still not altogether. I tried to back off the last couple hours but it was no use. I hit T2 somewhat in shambles and the run was instantly bad. I decided to finish though with some encouragements from friends and families, and I am glad I did.

Lindsay said she was sorry for me having a bad experience but ironically I was OK with it. Sure I was disappointed, but you know what? I did everything I could to get myself as ready as possible for the race. I got sick and it wasn’t my day. Sucks but that is out of my control and I am not going to beat myself up about it.
I do feel like the new stuff I tried this season just wasn’t that good for me. I mixed it up in training and even though I would question the methods at times felt I needed to give them time to set it to see the effect. It wasn’t that the training plan was bad by any means, just never clicked for me.  I am going to make some adjustments to that and get things more in line with what I feel I need.

I would love to become a better runner so will target an early spring half marathon and give that a solid go. I like doing the half because it translates in many directions. Endurance needs to be good, but so does speed and strength. Additionally it doesn’t require the down time a hard marathon does.
Going to be working on my run with Ryan Bolton this winter and I am super excited to learn from such a great running coach.

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